miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

The L Word Quotes

Ya va quedando menos para que termine.
Aquí van algunas de las frases {de mis favoritas} que nos han dejado para el recuerdo:

Kit: There's only one thing that cuts between our realities and that's love. The bridge between our differences.
And you have so much love in your life. Why are you trying to tear down that bridge? Why?

Jenny: That´s a personal question.
Femme: I only ask questions that are personal. Questions that are not can be answered by a textbook.

Alice: Lesbian think friendships is another word for forplay!

Jenny: Every time I look at you I feel so completely dismantled. (To Marina)

Dana: I know, I'm gay. And when I hide that I hide the best part of me.

Manfredi: The heart is stronger than the head. Remember. And everyone is capable to commit a passionate crime.

Aquí muchas más Quotes

The L Word

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